Meet Sharon

Sharon is a native Detroiter, and truly the daughter of her Father in Heaven.

She was raised in a single parent home and is the baby girl of six additional siblings. Her mother, known to many as Mother Gregory, kept God first and foremost in their household and taught them the importance of having a personal relationship with the Lord. Equal to the thought concerning Jesus Christ of Nazareth, yet contrary to popular belief, something great can come out of Detroit. This is evident by Sharon's only child, Erica Wright, of whom she is very proud. Additionally, with only days prior to the publishing of this book, Sharon received her Bachelor's Degree from Western Michigan University, with a concentration in nursing, biology and dance. 

What is Sharon's deepest desire? Her desire is for God's people to "know Him" intimately, and to "see" Him for WHO HE REALLY IS...ALL MIGHTY, ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, THE GREAT I AM. She longs to see the Body of Christ manifested in the earth, living and walking in the true Power, Anointing and Demonstration of the Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit began to illuminate to me, that I may write and share with you, that whatever you want to be, whatever you are striving for, whatever your purpose, your posture or your position, it is there in prayer, and in His presence that you are made.

Sharon Gregory

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